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CoTec is ready to seek out and invest in disruptive, scalable, early-stage technologies with the potential to change the way minerals and metals are extracted, refined and processed. With decades of senior expertise, and a seasoned Board of Directors, CoTec will combine its widespread knowledge of the minerals extraction industry and its global network with a second network of technology funds, universities, innovation labs and mining professionals to help advance these technologies. For later stage technologies, which are already fully valued, CoTec will seek JV opportunities to advance commercial applications. CoTec will take advantage of the current inertia in the minerals extraction industry and its historic reluctance to embrace new technologies to be more entrepreneurial, nimbler and seize the opportunities to adopt new technologies faster than the competition.

CoTec continues to be presented with technology investment opportunities ranging from innovative battery related technology, arsenic, cyanide, silica and radioactive material extraction and safe storage to production of precious metals from catalytic converters via hydromet processes which avoid the carbon emissions of smelting. The reverse mining and carbon capture technology opportunities received to date involve gold, platinum, palladium, lithium, coal, iron ore, graphite, ferrous and some non-ferrous metals.

CoTec intends to acquire and operate commodity rich assets, where it can apply its innovative, eco-friendly, disruptive technologies. The Company will start as a technology investment business, which will gradually evolve into an operating minerals extraction business. Unlike in traditional mining, CoTec will seek out marginal assets, waste and even sometimes liabilities, where it believes its technologies can make a transformation from loss-making to profitability, or from marginal to much more lucrative businesses thereby creating value for its shareholders. The CoTec model will involve transforming waste to wealth, reducing environmental footprint, whilst liberating commodities at a far lower carbon footprint than historic processes.


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Binding Solutions Ltd. (“BSL”)

Equity investment in BSL and exclusive right to apply BSL’s pelletization technology to ferroalloy and slag waste projects.

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Basic Industries Venture Fund I LP. (“BIVF”)

Investment in the BIVF as a limited partnership interest where CoTec will have co-investment rights with respect to investments by RFC in projects that utilize technologies in which the fund has invested.

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Technologies Applied

Binding Solutions Ltd.

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