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CoTec CEO on creating a greener, more efficient future for mineral extraction

March 2023

About Us

CoTec is an ESG focused company, acquiring innovative technologies which fundamentally change the method with which minerals can be extracted, processed and utilized. CoTec is rapidly becoming a mid-tier green disruptive producer in the commodity extraction space, and is listed on the TSX-V and OTC exchange (TSX-V: CTH; OTCQB: CTHCF).

These technologies, requiring significantly less energy and water, transform undervalued commodity-rich assets into profitable ventures while focusing on recycling and waste mining. This not only produces critical minerals rapidly, but also accelerates revenue generation compared to traditional processes.

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Assets & Technologies

CoTec is ready to seek out and invest in disruptive, scalable, early-stage technologies with the potential to change the way minerals and metals are extracted, refined and processed. With decades of senior expertise, and a seasoned Board of Directors, CoTec will combine its widespread knowledge of the minerals extraction industry and its global network with a second network of technology funds, universities, innovation labs and mining professionals to help advance these technologies. 

For later stage technologies, CoTec will seek JV opportunities to advance commercial applications. CoTec will take advantage of the current inertia in the minerals extraction industry and its historic reluctance to embrace new technologies to be more entrepreneurial, nimbler and seize the opportunities to adopt new technologies faster than the competition.

CoTec applies these innovative technologies to undervalued commodity rich assets which become much more profitable and valuable. This is achieved in two ways:

  1. The acquisition of mineral-bearing assets and subsequent application of technology to unlock value; and
  2. The development and growth of businesses around the technology


Why Invest?

At CoTec, we’re ready to support the revolution by investing in the companies that could make a difference.

Investment in green technology continues to grow with funding to be deployed from green funds, mining majors and special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs). 

With the rapid deployment of new technology, harvesting of commodities that had previously been considered uneconomic, including material contained within stockpiles, dumps and heaps may be possible. Technologies may also be applicable to improving the economics and scale of recycling opportunities.

CoTec will invest in, license and own technologies that will be transformative, disruptive and will result in much lower carbon footprints than existing processes for extracting, refining and processing metals and minerals. 

CoTec will scale its business by applying these innovative technologies to undervalued commodity rich assets with the goal of becoming a mid-tier producer of critical minerals.

Assets & Technologies

Prioritizing Transformative, Disruptive Technologies with Low Carbon Footprints

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