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CoTec is an ESG-focused company ready to invest in innovative technologies that fundamentally change the way metals and minerals can be extracted and processed. We’re committed to supporting the transition to a lower carbon future for the extraction industry, a sector on the cusp of a green revolution as it embraces technology and innovation. CoTec is a publicly traded mining issuer listed on the Toronto Venture Stock Exchange and OTCQB and trades under the symbol CTH and CTHCF respectively.

Climate change and the need to reduce carbon emissions is driving adaptation as the industry seeks the technologies that will help them meet their environmental goals. Demand for green technologies is expected to explode as the resource industry seeks cleaner, more efficient ways to extract and process metals and minerals.

Investment is expected to follow suit, with funding to be deployed from green funds, mining majors and special purpose acquisition companies (SPACs). With the rapid deployment of new technology, harvesting of commodities that had previously been considered uneconomic, including material contained within stockpiles, dumps and heaps may be possible. Technologies may also be applicable to improving the economics and scale of recycling opportunities.

Due to lower costs and carbon footprints for which green credits will be available, these new technologies will transform marginal primary commodity deposits into higher margin, commercially viable businesses. At CoTec, we’re ready to support the revolution by investing in the companies that could make a difference.

CoTec will invest in, license and own technologies that will be transformative, disruptive and will result in much lower carbon footprints than existing processes for extracting, refining and processing metals and minerals. A major focus will be on re-treating and processing existing waste and recycling scrap to produce critical minerals rapidly to create a cleaner circular economy. Our technologies will be scalable, will add value and will often be associated with inputs for batteries.

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