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The Company

Ceibo is a Delaware company with a Chilean operating subsidiary which has been developing technologies for the mining industry for more than a decade. It has an innovative team with over 15 years of experience developing leaching techniques. Ceibo has developed a process to leach low-grade primary copper sulphides, such as chalcopyrite, and copper waste material by high throughput inorganic leaching.

Ceibo recently completed Series B $30M financing lead by Energy Impact Partners to fund the scaling of the technology through continued small and large column testing and building a Demonstration Plant. Competitor technologies targeting copper sulphides are Rio Tinto’s NutonTM  and Jetti Resources which enable Bioleaching Technology, and Jetti Resources, LLC, a copper-mining extraction company that has developed a competitive, though more technically advanced, technology which has recently been valued at USD2.5 billion. 

Sulphide leaching technologies are targeting ~65%-~75% of recovery. Without a sulphide leaching technology recovery rates will decline from ~70% (standard for oxides) to ~30%, the higher limit for leaching chalcopyrite with traditional acid leaching.

The Partnership

CoTec has a seat on Ceibo’s Technical Advisory Board (TAB) and the opportunity to propose JV arrangements with respect to the application of the technology.

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