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The Company

Equity investment (3%) in Binding Solutions Ltd. (“BSL”) that has a commercially-proven and industry-leading patented cold binding technology – which includes exclusive JV rights to deploy the technology in four jurisdictions to create revenue-generating businesses. BSL technology converts the fine materials from mines/waste dumps into ISO-compliant pellets or briquettes ready for furnace usage to produce green steel. Significant energy savings and 90% reduction in capital costs per 1mtpa production vs. traditional induration processes. Broad application and not limited to steel, applicable to variety of metals and minerals.

BSL is currently designing a full-scale commercial demonstration plant. BSL commissioned a pilot plant in Teesside in August 2023

BSL has received an equity investment from Mitsui at a valuation of USD130m and most recently (Aug. 4, 2023) by Australian-based MinRes at a higher valuation of USD158m. This valuation represents a 107% increase over the USD75m valuation at which CoTec made its initial USD2m investment.

The Partnership

CoTec has the exclusive right to apply BSL’s pelletization technology to ferroalloy and slag waste projects in Canada, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands for a period of 36 months from the date of the investment agreement. Such application would be via one or more joint venture entities that would initially be owned 50/50 by CoTec and BSL and on terms and conditions set out in the investment agreement.

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